Rivalrous corporate intelligence

Predict Future Outcomes - Secure the Competitive Edge!

Use available people expertise to find out what others don't know and act on it before they do!

Maximise Information/Knowledge Awareness and Efficiently Gather, Analyze and Process Information.

Protect Assets, valuable information, process and operational detail.

Sell information/intelligence upward through effective report writing, and strategic relationship building.

Corporate Intelligence Awareness, in people terms, refers to innate human capacity to think creatively when faced with the unknown or unproven. The greater the capacity of an organization and its people to work with confidence in the dimension of potentials, possibilities and maybes, the greater the ability to predict accurate future business outcomes.


Competitive intelligence is Fuld & Company’s core business.

Simply put, this means helping clients understand the external competitive environment in order to achieve competitive advantage. We do this through a full range of competitive intelligence solutions. Our training and consulting offerings help clients develop and leverage their internal resources, knowledge, and capabilities. Building on those internal capabilities, Fuld’s research and strategy offerings provide world-class external validation and analysis.


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